Various Textile and Garment Products from PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya – If you are looking for a factory that can produce large quantities of garment or clothes, PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya is able to help you. PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya is a company that produces high quality garments for local and global markets. We also apply very competitive prices. By using large and capable production machines, we are able to produce approximately 2.5 million manufactured goods.

PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya produces various kinds of clothing, with quality and affordable materials The following is a list of products produced by PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya

Textile and Garment Products from PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya

  • Textiles

PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya has two types of products, namely garments and textiles. Textiles are the entire production process from raw materials in the form of fiber to ready-to-use clothing. 35 years working in the textile industry, PT Sansan has experience in high-quality Know-how of Textile Technology and human resources.

There are 4 types of textiles produced by PT Sansan Saudaratex, namely Uniform and Fashion Cotton (Cotton), T/R (Teteron Rayon), T/C (Teteron Cotton) and CVC. Then, these textiles are further divided into several types, Military Uniforms, Office Uniforms, Chino Pants, Uniforms for Health, Airline Uniforms, to School Uniforms.

Our company has ensured the quality of the materials for these products and assured them they met the Accepted Quality Level (AQL) 25 standard.Our superior product is fabric that is used as uniform materials, such as Cotton, T/C, and T/R.By applying the Vat Dyeing method, the fabrics produced by PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya have high washing resistance.

In addition, the products in the form of pants that we produce also include high grammatical fabrics and have a good stretching effect.

  • Garment

In addition to textile production, PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya also has garment products. Here, garments are divided into two types, for infants and children and for men and women with a production capacity of approximately 2,550 000 per month. Each of the totals generated for the three types of garments is 50%, 25%, 25%.

Garments for babies consist of 5 Pocket Denim, Carpenter Denim, School Uniform, Twill Pants, Dresses, Boys’ clothes, Polo Shirts and Shirts, Cargo Pants, Knitwear. Garments for men include Shirts, Cargo Pants, Twill Pants, Garment Pants, Knitwear, T-shirts and Polo Shirts. Meanwhile for women, it consists of Women’s Suits, Clothing Pants, Denim Pants, Knitwear, T-shirts and Polo Shirts.

Those are the products of PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya. The superior products of our company are fabrics used as uniform raw materials, namely Cotton, T/C, and T/R.

With a large production machine, PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya is able to produce Dyeing Finishing up to 2,000,000 meters of fabric per month.The ability of machines and a lot of human resources makes the production time effective. For ordinary clothes,  it can be done within 30 days. While fashionable clothes up to a maximum of 45 days.

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