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4 Criteria For Medical Scrubs & Nursing Uniforms – You may be wondering, why do medical workers wear uniforms that are so simple in terms of designs and color? Well, apparently, that’s the global rule. Because instead of focusing on the appearance, medical scrubs or uniforms for healthcare professionals should focus more on certain features and fabric technology to ensure comfort and safety. After all, their primary job is not to show off their look. So, what are those required features? Here are some insights on the most effective features for state-of-the-art medical scrubs and nursing uniforms. Waterproof and Dustproof First of all, medical scrubs must represent purity and sanitation. That’s why nowadays, it is common to find nursing uniforms with waterproof and dustproof features. This technology

How To Wash Military Uniforms – For those of you who serve in the army, wearing a military uniform is an obligation that should not be violated. Aside from being a symbol of your institution, military uniforms also serve as the pride symbol of the soldiers and their hard struggle. Throughout time, however, you may find that your military uniforms gradually change, in terms of quality and color, and become uncomfortable. Why is that, you may ask? Well, it’s mostly due to the common mistakes you may encounter while washing them. So, here are 5 mistakes to avoid and how to wash military uniforms properly. Avoid Using Chemicals Did you think that all detergents can be used interchangeably on your military uniforms? Well, stop

How Office Wear Has Evolved – In our previous writing, we have explained the history of how the first uniform was created and distributed until it’s finally used everywhere. Well, in addition to its ever-changing uses, office wear has also evolved a lot in terms of design and silhouettes, especially in the last 100 years. Curious as to how it’s changed throughout these years? Let’s explore on a journey of how office wear has evolved from time to time. Early 20th Century In the early 20th century, office wear was blatantly formal. Women generally wore long dresses or skirts, while men wore full suits. The colors chosen also tended to be neutral and less colorful. Although there were times when these suits would be mixed

Uniforms as Corporate Branding Strategy – Building a great corporate branding is not a matter of blinking. There are many strategies that must be carried out consistently and continuously so that your brand can be recognized by a wider audience. One of the best ways to achieve this is through the use of company uniforms. More than just clothes, a well-designed and well-planned corporate uniform can play a vital role in the success of a brand. Not only that, there are many other reasons why work uniforms can be the most effective corporate branding strategy. Here are a few of them. Free Advertising If anything, corporate uniform remains the only branding tool where you can advertise your brand every day for free. This is

Recommended Place to Make Uniforms in Bandung – Looking for a place to make uniforms in Bandung, especially in large quantities? If yes, PT. Sansan Saudaratex Jaya is the perfect solution for your particular need. Our garment factory, which was established in 1987 in Cimahi, West Java, has been trusted for more than 20 years in providing high quality garments at a very competitive price. But, before you order at PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya Garment, let’s take a peek at what benefits you will get in becoming one of our cherished customers. Quantity and Precision PT. Sansan Saudaratex Jaya is highly experienced in producing and manufacturing a large number of clothing, ranging from offices to school uniforms, in a much shorter period of time. Therefore, customers

Garment and Textile, How Are They Different? – If you’re currently dealing with clothing making and are relatively new to the industry, you may be wondering about certain terms. Well, if we look into the bigger picture, it’s best for you to know that the clothing industry is usually classified into two major types, namely garment and textile. Have you known how they differ? If not, here is a short explanation of the differences between garment and textile. What is Garment? Most of you are probably familiar with tailors, aren’t you? Similar to tailors, garment also produces clothes, but on a larger scale, considering that there are many people involved and sewing machines available. Garments can produce up to thousands of pieces  of clothes. Garments also

Fabric Trends for Shirts in 2021 – Fabric selection is often an important factor in making shirts or work uniforms. Some of you may already have already known how to distinguish certain types of fabric and choose which one you are most comfortable in. But, for those of you who are still unfamiliar with the many kinds of fabric, you should consider the following explanation to avoid purchasing the wrong ones. Especially when it comes to 2021, where there are specific fabric trends used for shirts. Dobby Cotton In 2021, shirts that are made of cotton dobby are being intensively marketed. Dobby cotton has unique characteristics and a number of advantages. This type of fabric is made with additional tools to produce attractive motifs, such

Poplin vs Twill Fabric for Shirts – Looking for quality fabric for your formal shirts? If yes, then you may want to know more about these two fabrics: poplin and twill. Both poplin and twill cotton are great choices for shirts since they have great strength and durability. However, each of them has its own characteristics. What are they, you may ask? Well, here’s a summary on poplin vs twill, and which one suits your needs best. What’s Poplin Cotton? The first one is poplin cotton. Poplin has a soft and smooth texture, and it usually has no pattern on its surface. It’s usually made of purely cotton, silk or wool yarn. Moreover, poplin cotton uses a weaving technique on cotton, silk, or wool yarn.

Tips For Washing Cotton Uniforms – Are you among those who still tend to wash all your clothes in the same way, regardless of the fabrics? Back when we were young, parents would warn us to wash all our clothes carefully and to split them according to their fabrics. It’s not without a reason. As an example, in washing cotton uniforms, you have to wash and rub the collar meticulously, since it is a part that directly touches the neck where stains usually come from. To help you even more, check these 3 tips for washing cotton uniforms that can be applied to avoid stains. Do Not Use Bleach Basically, bleach is made from a mixture of water and chemicals, such as sodium hypochlorite or

The Meaning Behind Indonesian ASN Uniform – If you pay attention to the people who work at an institution that requires uniforms, the apparel usually exudes an interesting blend of colour and design. An example of that is airline uniform which oftentimes matches its colour with the company’s emblem, or even with the planes. It’s so exquisite, isn’t it? Besieged that, the flight attendants also use other attributes as additional accessories that represent the company’s identity. Another example is the colour of the National Army (TNI)’s uniform, which basically has a mix of black and dark green tone. Thus, anyone who sees it can immediately guess that the person is most definitely a servant to the nation. Likewise, the distinct color of State Civil Apparatus (ASN)