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Tips For Washing Cotton Uniforms – Are you among those who still tend to wash all your clothes in the same way, regardless of the fabrics? Back when we were young, parents would warn us to wash all our clothes carefully and to split them according to their fabrics. It’s not without a reason. As an example, in washing cotton uniforms, you have to wash and rub the collar meticulously, since it is a part that directly touches the neck where stains usually come from. To help you even more, check these 3 tips for washing cotton uniforms that can be applied to avoid stains. Do Not Use Bleach Basically, bleach is made from a mixture of water and chemicals, such as sodium hypochlorite or

The Meaning Behind Indonesian ASN Uniform – If you pay attention to the people who work at an institution that requires uniforms, the apparel usually exudes an interesting blend of colour and design. An example of that is airline uniform which oftentimes matches its colour with the company’s emblem, or even with the planes. It’s so exquisite, isn’t it? Besieged that, the flight attendants also use other attributes as additional accessories that represent the company’s identity. Another example is the colour of the National Army (TNI)’s uniform, which basically has a mix of black and dark green tone. Thus, anyone who sees it can immediately guess that the person is most definitely a servant to the nation. Likewise, the distinct color of State Civil Apparatus (ASN)