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Use Uniform as a Media Promotion for Your Company

pt.sansan – You can do various ways to introduce products in the fashion business, one of them is using uniforms as media promotion. Since marketing is extremely crucial in business, promotional activities are often chosen to increase the company’s performance. The application of this promotional media aims not only to increase performance but also to escalate sales volume. The promotion can be in the form of events, advertisements, to demonstrations. However, the most important thing to do is the quality of the goods or services offered to consumers. One of the promotional media that you can use as a fashion business person is uniform. The use of uniforms as a media promotion can also be done through various social media

The Best Shirt Material To Make Your Work More Comfortable

pt.sansan – For those office workers, perhaps including you, of course, you are required to wear clothes that are shirts which not only look so neat but also make you comfortable while doing some work. Therefore, the shirt material needs to be high quality. Have you already known that there are two types of fabric which are suitable for shirts? Yes, Drill and Cotton are mostly used to make shirts.  So, it’s a good idea to get to know these two fabrics before making a shirt for work. Cotton Fabric You must be familiar with this type of fabric. Yes, it is cotton. This shirt material is made from cotton or Gossypium plant fibers. Occupying the highest position in the market,

Cotton Poplin vs Twill, Which One the Winner? 

pt.sansan – Cotton fabric is indeed suitable to use as a material of various types of clothing, including t-shirts, dresses to pants. Cotton is not only soft and smooth, but it is also well-known for having characteristics of coll. Thus, when you wear the fabric, you won’t feel stiflingly hot. Cotton fabric is mostly sought after by people to meet their needs of clothing, but do you already know that Cotton has two types of fabric? Yes, there is Poplin vs Twill. Here are some deficiencies and redundancy of them. Poplin The name ‘Poplin’ was taken from the characteristics design of the fabric patterns. It has 133×72 numbers, which means every 1 inch on the cotton, there are 133 wrap and

4 Important Things before You Order at a Garment Factory

pt.sansan – For those who are into the fashion business, make sure that you are already familiar with the term ‘Garment’. Yes, Garment refers to a factory that produces clothes in a mass quantity. Thus, Garment is widely used for its services on fashion, mainly if you order with a number of parties and want to have good qualities.  However, there are four things that you need to know before choosing a Garment  Factory as your partnership. These things can help to run productivity smoothly.  Reputation The company’s name becomes an important determination and reference. A company, mainly in the textile industry, that has a good reputation will have the potential to be chosen by the clients more than a

Why is It Called Baby Terry and Baby Canvas?

pt.sansan – Two types of fabrics that are quite popular in the market right now and have unique characteristics are baby terry and baby canvas. Those names may sound strange to some people, but it is quite familiar to people who have passion or have been in the textile industry for a while. Baby terry and baby canvas may both have the word ‘baby’ in them, but these two types of fabric do not come from the same root. What is Baby Terry? Baby terry fabric is originally only known as terry or terrycloth. However, times have made many people change its name to baby terry, considering its texture which is soft like a baby’s skin. This type of fabric

What are Teteron Rayon and Teteron Cotton for Workwear?

pt.sansan – For a formal institution, the use of workwear cannot be separated from its daily activities. Nowadays, it has become a symbol and official identity for all the people that belong to the institution. It is not surprising that in the end, market demands for workwear continue to rise, and consequently, encourage the textile industry to innovate. One of the innovations realized by the textile industry is visible through various types of fabrics with different levels of comfort and prices. The underlying factor for this difference is that manufacturers must match the quality of the available raw materials to the client’s needs and abilities. Kinds of Fabrics for Workwear Fabrics are available for the manufacturing of workwear with various

4 Types of Makloon or CMT in Textile Industries

pt.sansan – Who among you is unfamiliar with the term ‘makloon’ or CMT in textile industries? As we discussed in the previous article, makloon is a type of production where the vendor only carries out certain steps. Meanwhile, the materials are provided by the buyer himself. Makloon services themselves are quite popular among buyers as it can cut production costs and improve quality control. However, you may still be wondering, what services can be handed over to third parties in the textile industry? Let’s look at four types of makloon that you can generally choose. Screen Printing Makloon screen printing can be defined as a service or job where the vendor only focuses on the design and filling of images

Peeking Into H&M Manufacturer in Indonesia, PT. Sansan

pt.sansan – Not many know that clothing brands such as H&M, GAP, Zara, and Disney are sewn domestically. It is PT. Sansan Saudaratex Jaya Textile & Garment Industry, a public company from Bandung, West Java, precisely in Cimahi, which is now increasingly recognized at the international level thanks to its skills in sewing international branded clothes. In addition to H&M, GAP, Zara and Disney, a company widely known as PT. This Sansan is a champion maker of military clothes and company uniforms. The market is also unmitigated to penetrate more than 20 countries in Asia, the United States (US), Britain, Europe, the Middle East, to Africa. Established in 1987, PT. Sansan has now grown rapidly and is spread over 8

What’s the Best Fabric for Workwear?

pt.sansan – Fabric materials continue to be developed from time to time so you can easily find materials such as cotton, polyester, nylon, rayon, and many more on the market. However, among the many types of fabrics available today, you may still be curious about the advantages and disadvantages of each material. Since it’s a good material for casual shirts, it’s of course great to use for shirt uniforms. But, no need to be confused anymore. Here are some recommendations for the best fabric for workwear and see how it can be tailored to your company’s needs. Twill Number one on the best fabric for workwear goes to twill fabric. With a diagonal pattern on its surface, the texture of twill

Types of Cotton You Need to Know

pt.sansan – You certainly have often heard of cotton. But, did you know that not all types of cotton are the same? Yes, even though it may all come from cotton trees, the way it’s cultivated and produced can result in different qualities of cotton. That’s why, when cotton comes into your mind in terms of clothing manufacturing, you have to be more careful and understand what kind of cotton it is that you are using. Get to know some of the most common types of cotton on the market now. Which one best suits your needs? Canvas Canvas is used to describe plain-weave fabrics with a more substantial weight. It used to be made from hemp, but today it’s normally