Cotton Poplin vs Twill, Which One the Winner? 

pt.sansan – Cotton fabric is indeed suitable to use as a material of various types of clothing, including t-shirts, dresses to pants. Cotton is not only soft and smooth, but it is also well-known for having characteristics of coll. Thus, when you wear the fabric, you won’t feel stiflingly hot. Cotton fabric is mostly sought after by people to meet their needs of clothing, but do you already know that Cotton has two types of fabric? Yes, there is Poplin vs Twill. Here are some deficiencies and redundancy of them.

Photo : Unsplash
  • Poplin

Photo : Unsplash

The name ‘Poplin’ was taken from the characteristics design of the fabric patterns. It has 133×72 numbers, which means every 1 inch on the cotton, there are 133 wrap and 72 weft threads. Poplin is made by applying either a plate or plain-woven. 

– Redundancy

Poplin Cotton smooth and soft characteristics texture since the threads are quite tight and its surface is flat. Additionally, this fabric is extremely breathable, so it can absorb sweat and make you comfortable. 

Poplin is not only breathable, but it also does not fade easily. Thus, the color is durable even though it has been washed many times. This type of Cotton fabric is fairly light mass, so it is easy to design and to be ironed. You don’t have to apply any lubricant clothing. 

– Deficiency

Since Poplin is light and thin, it is not suitable to be used in the winter. In addition, the tight threads on it make the Poplin not flexible and it looks stiff. 

  • Twill

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The next type of Cotton is Twill. Similar to Poplin, Twill contains a fairly dense thread. What makes them differ from each other is their flexibility. Twill is able to stretch, thus it is easier to be designed or shaped. The weaving technique that is commonly applied to this fabric is 2/1 or 3/1. The composition of Twill cotton is natural cotton and polyester.

– Redundancy

Twill is not only easy to be shaped but also apparently has a strong texture. Therefore, Twill is suitable to use as material for office and field uniforms. Twill is often used to make jeans and polo shirts, which are known for their thickness. Unlike Poplin, the thickness of Twill makes it suitable to use in the winter. Twill has several types, including Natural, Synthetic, and Broken. 

– Deficiency

Twill cotton has a heavier mass than Poplin, so it is a bit difficult to manage when ironed, Nevertheless, Twill fabric is claimed to be the most superior to other types of fabric

That’s the difference between Poplin vs Twill cotton that you can use according to your needs, especially for uniforms. In order to fulfill your demands, PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya provides various types of fabrics with the best quality, including for making uniforms.

As supported by textile technology that is compatible with the times and quality of human resources, we are trusted to be able to produce the best uniforms. 

With a monthly capacity of 2,000,000 meters, we are open for job order/CMT for sizing, RFD (Ready For Dyeing), RFP (Ready For Print), and Finishing processes for all kinds of woven fabrics. The specialty of our product is uniform fabrics (Cotton, TC / TR) which require large quantities of color stability and have high washing resistance (using the Vat Dyeing / Vessel method). In addition, we are experts in processing trouser fabrics (high gramation fabrics) which have a stretch effect. Kindly contact us on the Contact page for order requests and further information.


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