What are Teteron Rayon and Teteron Cotton for Workwear?

pt.sansan – For a formal institution, the use of workwear cannot be separated from its daily activities. Nowadays, it has become a symbol and official identity for all the people that belong to the institution. It is not surprising that in the end, market demands for workwear continue to rise, and consequently, encourage the textile industry to innovate.

One of the innovations realized by the textile industry is visible through various types of fabrics with different levels of comfort and prices. The underlying factor for this difference is that manufacturers must match the quality of the available raw materials to the client’s needs and abilities.

Kinds of Fabrics for Workwear

Fabrics are available for the manufacturing of workwear with various quality options according to customer needs and abilities. One of the fabrics that are often used to make uniforms are polyester rayon or teteron rayon (T/R) and teteron cotton (T/C). Before discussing further about the difference between teteron rayon and teteron cotton, let’s get familiar with the term ‘teteron’. If this term sounds foreign to you, then you may be familiar with the more popular version of the term, namely polyester. Yes, teteron is actually a kind of polyseter.

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Difference between Teteron Rayon and Teteron Cotton

As the name implies, teteron rayon fabric comes from a combination of teteron (polyester) and rayon fabric. The percentages between teteron and rayon can vary, usually in the range of 65% teteron compared to 35% rayon. Meanwhile, Teteron Cotton is made of a mix of teteron and cotton.

When worn, T/R fabric will give an impression that is almost similar to rayon fabric. The impression itself includes not easily wrinkled and has high absorption. Rayon fabric is also easy to dye, so variations of rayon teteron also come in various color choices.

Which Fabric is Better?

Even though the durability of rayon fiber is low, so it seems less elastic, rayon fabric is easy to tidy up. This saves you from having to spend a lot of time ironing variations of rayon.

But, compared to other types of rayon fabric, Teteron Rayon feels a little stiffer and rougher. This causes the rayon teteron variation to be more prone to tearing. The higher the teteron ratio in the rayon teteron mixture, the more brittle this variation of the fabric will be. This is the reason why the variation of Teteron Rayon is commonly cheaper.

Meanwhile, on teteron cotton, the higher the teteron ratio, the hotter the quality of the fabric. Therefore, unlike Teteron Rayon, which has a high absorption capacity, Teteron Cotton is not very good at absorbing sweat. Even so, Teteron Cotton will not stretch easily even after several washes. Compared to rayon teteron fabric, Teteron Cotton is also much softer.

As one of the most trusted and quality textile manufacturers in Indonesia, PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya provides these two types of materials. Not only implementing quality with international standards, PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya is also committed to maintaining good relations with consumers. We also continue to improve various aspects of our business, on time delivery, and competitive prices.

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