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Why is It Called Baby Terry and Baby Canvas?

pt.sansan – Two types of fabrics that are quite popular in the market right now and have unique characteristics are baby terry and baby canvas. Those names may sound strange to some people, but it is quite familiar to people who have passion or have been in the textile industry for a while. Baby terry and baby canvas may both have the word ‘baby’ in them, but these two types of fabric do not come from the same root. What is Baby Terry? Baby terry fabric is originally only known as terry or terrycloth. However, times have made many people change its name to baby terry, considering its texture which is soft like a baby’s skin. This type of fabric

What are Teteron Rayon and Teteron Cotton for Workwear?

pt.sansan – For a formal institution, the use of workwear cannot be separated from its daily activities. Nowadays, it has become a symbol and official identity for all the people that belong to the institution. It is not surprising that in the end, market demands for workwear continue to rise, and consequently, encourage the textile industry to innovate. One of the innovations realized by the textile industry is visible through various types of fabrics with different levels of comfort and prices. The underlying factor for this difference is that manufacturers must match the quality of the available raw materials to the client’s needs and abilities. Kinds of Fabrics for Workwear Fabrics are available for the manufacturing of workwear with various