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The Difference between Women’s and Men’s Suits – For any of you who works in the office, surely you are familiar with a suit or blazer.  By wearing a suit or blazer when working, you usually will be much more confident, especially when dealing with clients or interacting with fellow colleagues. This further strengthens the function of a blazer to use when working, it is very effective for you to look more presentable and professional with your position.  At the same time, your credibility also increases. Wearing a blazer will also impress your clients or co-workers with your appearance. The first impression created in their minds will usually be more positive. However, did you know that suits or blazers for men and women are different? So

The Meaning of the Colors of School Uniforms in Indonesia – Wearing school uniforms has become mandatory, and it is even commonly seen in every country, including in Indonesia, which applies it to children who are pursuing formal education. Every educational institution requires their students to wear school uniforms, which have the same and distinctive design and color. This, certainly, is not just about making clothes. Employing school uniforms has several purposes, which includes to differentiate levels of education; to practice self-discipline concept; to eliminate social inequality; and to become the hallmark of the school. Indonesia government has the rules of school uniforms regarding the model and the color as stated in Permendikbud No 45 The Year of 2014. However, have you already known the meaning and significance of