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Cotton Poplin vs Twill, Which One the Winner? 

pt.sansan – Cotton fabric is indeed suitable to use as a material of various types of clothing, including t-shirts, dresses to pants. Cotton is not only soft and smooth, but it is also well-known for having characteristics of coll. Thus, when you wear the fabric, you won’t feel stiflingly hot. Cotton fabric is mostly sought after by people to meet their needs of clothing, but do you already know that Cotton has two types of fabric? Yes, there is Poplin vs Twill. Here are some deficiencies and redundancy of them. Poplin The name ‘Poplin’ was taken from the characteristics design of the fabric patterns. It has 133×72 numbers, which means every 1 inch on the cotton, there are 133 wrap and

4 Important Things before You Order at a Garment Factory

pt.sansan – For those who are into the fashion business, make sure that you are already familiar with the term ‘Garment’. Yes, Garment refers to a factory that produces clothes in a mass quantity. Thus, Garment is widely used for its services on fashion, mainly if you order with a number of parties and want to have good qualities.  However, there are four things that you need to know before choosing a Garment  Factory as your partnership. These things can help to run productivity smoothly.  Reputation The company’s name becomes an important determination and reference. A company, mainly in the textile industry, that has a good reputation will have the potential to be chosen by the clients more than a