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Cotton and Rayon, How are They Different? – In the textile industry, two types of fabrics are commonly used for clothing, namely cotton and rayon. Both fabrics are quite similar in terms of their soft texture. But, beyond that, they do have their own characteristics. After all, they come from different materials, don’t they? So, here are some of the differences between cotton and rayon that you may want to know. Materials To put it simply, cotton fabrics are made from organic fibers taken from cotton trees. What is known as cotton is actually a soft fibrous material that surrounds the seeds of a cotton tree. This fiber is then processed and becomes a textile yarn. Cotton fiber comes from pure cellulose which is widely grown in

Best Fabrics for Women’s Office Uniforms – For many women around the world, office wear is more than a matter of work and business. A well-designed & comfortable workwear is also an essential part of their daily appearance since it blends personal style and professionalism. When it comes to women’s office uniforms, some will usually look for fabrics that are super soft, breathable, and can be shaped neatly to create a professional look. However, with the rising popularity of casual business looks, any kind of fabric seems to be a good choice. But, which one is the best fabric for you? Let’s check some of the most common fabrics used to make women’s office uniforms. Cotton The most popular one to date is cotton. Cotton