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Types of Cotton You Need to Know

pt.sansan – You certainly have often heard of cotton. But, did you know that not all types of cotton are the same? Yes, even though it may all come from cotton trees, the way it’s cultivated and produced can result in different qualities of cotton. That’s why, when cotton comes into your mind in terms of clothing manufacturing, you have to be more careful and understand what kind of cotton it is that you are using. Get to know some of the most common types of cotton on the market now. Which one best suits your needs? Canvas Canvas is used to describe plain-weave fabrics with a more substantial weight. It used to be made from hemp, but today it’s normally

Cotton and Rayon, How are They Different?

PTSansan.co.id – In the textile industry, two types of fabrics are commonly used for clothing, namely cotton and rayon. Both fabrics are quite similar in terms of their soft texture. But, beyond that, they do have their own characteristics. After all, they come from different materials, don’t they? So, here are some of the differences between cotton and rayon that you may want to know. Materials To put it simply, cotton fabrics are made from organic fibers taken from cotton trees. What is known as cotton is actually a soft fibrous material that surrounds the seeds of a cotton tree. This fiber is then processed and becomes a textile yarn. Cotton fiber comes from pure cellulose which is widely grown in