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The Difference between Women’s and Men’s Suits

ptsansan.co.id – For any of you who works in the office, surely you are familiar with a suit or blazer.  By wearing a suit or blazer when working, you usually will be much more confident, especially when dealing with clients or interacting with fellow colleagues. This further strengthens the function of a blazer to use when working, it is very effective for you to look more presentable and professional with your position.  At the same time, your credibility also increases. Wearing a blazer will also impress your clients or co-workers with your appearance. The first impression created in their minds will usually be more positive. However, did you know that suits or blazers for men and women are different? So

The Meaning of the Colors of School Uniforms in Indonesia

ptsansan.co.id – Wearing school uniforms has become mandatory, and it is even commonly seen in every country, including in Indonesia, which applies it to children who are pursuing formal education. Every educational institution requires their students to wear school uniforms, which have the same and distinctive design and color. This, certainly, is not just about making clothes. Employing school uniforms has several purposes, which includes to differentiate levels of education; to practice self-discipline concept; to eliminate social inequality; and to become the hallmark of the school. Indonesia government has the rules of school uniforms regarding the model and the color as stated in Permendikbud No 45 The Year of 2014. However, have you already known the meaning and significance of

Wool and High Twist, Which one Better Material for Making a Man Suit?

ptsansan.co.id – For those of you who are going to make suits, it’s a good idea to listen to reviews about Wool and High Twist fabrics, the two prima donna materials for making men’s and women’s formal clothes, but which one is the most suitable? Suits are usually worn on formal occasions, so we need good quality fabrics to make them look cool and of high quality when worn. Not only that, the pattern of making it is quite complicated when compared to other types of clothing, so you need materials to make suits that are easy to shape and fit on the wearer’s body. The following are the characteristics of Wool and Hight Twist materials that are often used

5 Advantages of Japan Drill Fabric as Material for Uniforms

ptsansan.co.id – There are many kinds of fabric materials for making uniforms, either for office look or to wear in the field sectors. One of the most frequent fabric used is the Japan Drill. Thus, what is Japan Drill? What are the advantages of applying Japan Drill for uniforms? Japan Drill is known for its high strength and fiber. Therefore, this fabric is not easy to tear when it is exposed to tension. It is considered very suitable to be used as a uniform.   Japan Drill is actually made of a mixture of cotton and polyester. It mostly becomes the target of manufacturers to fulfill the market demands. It means, that cloth is quite loved by market. 5 Advantages of

Make Hospitality Appearance by Taking Care of Office Uniform

ptsansan – As a person who works in the service sector, you are required to deal with clients along with a good hospitality appearance. Meanwhile, you also try to get a good impression from clients, including when you are wearing a uniform. Make Hospitality appearance by putting on a clean and tidy uniform reflects your personality, whether you are an organized person or not. In fact, having a good looking appearance not only reflects your personality, but it also depicts the company which automatically will have a good reputation in the minds of clients. Here are 5 ways to take care of office uniforms so that you are more confident when working and dealing with clients. 4 Ways To Take

Choosing a Company that already has Textile Certification

ptsansan – If you are a beginner in the business world, using the service of a makloon at a textile company will help you a lot. By using this textile service, your work will be lighter. However, you may still be wondering what kind of textile company should be a partner in your business. The right answer is a textile company that has gone through a production certification process. Yes, this textile certification is very important for those of you who will cooperate in producing clothes. Not only a matter of trust, textile certification is also proof that the company has passed a competency test in the field of clothing material production. With this certification, the products you produce will

Use Uniform as a Media Promotion for Your Company

pt.sansan – You can do various ways to introduce products in the fashion business, one of them is using uniforms as media promotion. Since marketing is extremely crucial in business, promotional activities are often chosen to increase the company’s performance. The application of this promotional media aims not only to increase performance but also to escalate sales volume. The promotion can be in the form of events, advertisements, to demonstrations. However, the most important thing to do is the quality of the goods or services offered to consumers. One of the promotional media that you can use as a fashion business person is uniform. The use of uniforms as a media promotion can also be done through various social media

The Best Shirt Material To Make Your Work More Comfortable

pt.sansan – For those office workers, perhaps including you, of course, you are required to wear clothes that are shirts which not only look so neat but also make you comfortable while doing some work. Therefore, the shirt material needs to be high quality. Have you already known that there are two types of fabric which are suitable for shirts? Yes, Drill and Cotton are mostly used to make shirts.  So, it’s a good idea to get to know these two fabrics before making a shirt for work. Cotton Fabric You must be familiar with this type of fabric. Yes, it is cotton. This shirt material is made from cotton or Gossypium plant fibers. Occupying the highest position in the market,

Cotton Poplin vs Twill, Which One the Winner? 

pt.sansan – Cotton fabric is indeed suitable to use as a material of various types of clothing, including t-shirts, dresses to pants. Cotton is not only soft and smooth, but it is also well-known for having characteristics of coll. Thus, when you wear the fabric, you won’t feel stiflingly hot. Cotton fabric is mostly sought after by people to meet their needs of clothing, but do you already know that Cotton has two types of fabric? Yes, there is Poplin vs Twill. Here are some deficiencies and redundancy of them. Poplin The name ‘Poplin’ was taken from the characteristics design of the fabric patterns. It has 133×72 numbers, which means every 1 inch on the cotton, there are 133 wrap and

4 Important Things before You Order at a Garment Factory

pt.sansan – For those who are into the fashion business, make sure that you are already familiar with the term ‘Garment’. Yes, Garment refers to a factory that produces clothes in a mass quantity. Thus, Garment is widely used for its services on fashion, mainly if you order with a number of parties and want to have good qualities.  However, there are four things that you need to know before choosing a Garment  Factory as your partnership. These things can help to run productivity smoothly.  Reputation The company’s name becomes an important determination and reference. A company, mainly in the textile industry, that has a good reputation will have the potential to be chosen by the clients more than a