The Meaning of the Colors of School Uniforms in Indonesia – Wearing school uniforms has become mandatory, and it is even commonly seen in every country, including in Indonesia, which applies it to children who are pursuing formal education. Every educational institution requires their students to wear school uniforms, which have the same and distinctive design and color. This, certainly, is not just about making clothes.

Employing school uniforms has several purposes, which includes to differentiate levels of education; to practice self-discipline concept; to eliminate social inequality; and to become the hallmark of the school.

Indonesia government has the rules of school uniforms regarding the model and the color as stated in Permendikbud No 45 The Year of 2014.

However, have you already known the meaning and significance of school uniform color in Indonesia, which has several types for each level of education?

In Indonesia, school uniforms are generally divided into two types, for public and non-state or private institutions.

School uniforms for public normally is set by government’s rules and they are applied

Public schools normally follows the rules set by the government and they are applied in all regions in Indonesia, starting from the Elementary School (SD); Junior High School (SMP); to Senior High School (SMA) level.

Uniquely, the difference in the color of this school uniform is only at the skirts (for women) or pants (for men), as well as badges. Meanwhile, for tops in the form of shirts, all levels of education apply white color.

Red Color for Elementary School Uniform

Elementary school students usually wear school uniforms where the bottom part is red color, with a typical elementary school badge. Apparently, the use of this red color has meaning and significance.

The red color on the school uniforms of elementary school students, who are in the age range of 6-12 years, is a symbol of joy. At their age, Elementary School students are mostly excited to explore what is in their environment through curiosity.

Thus, the children who wear red Elementary School uniforms symbolize their joy and activeness in learning.

Dark Blue Color for Middle School Uniforms

Entering the teenage phase, or at the age of 13-16 years, children have started to enter junior high school. Therefore, they will wear dark blue or navy uniforms for their subordinates. This color signifies the nature of self-confidence and has begun to be independent.

That means, when they are in this phase, middle school students are required to be responsible and independent in their obligations, unlike Elementary School students anymore.

Additionally, the dark blue color of their uniforms indicates their mood. At their age, teenagers are usually ready to experience puberty and to seek for their self-identity. Therefore, teenageras are known to have mood swings or their emotions are still unstable.

Gray color for Senior High School Uniform

After graduating from junior high school, students will enter Senior High School level, which is predicted to be the most exciting and fun phase.

Entering the age of high school students, children are already fairly early adults, and have begun to find their identity and determine their next steps when their school period ends.

Therefore, the gray color on this high school uniform symbolizes independence and divinity in children. They tend to be more serious and wise in carrying out their duties.

In addition to the colors above, there are also uniform colors for non-state schools, such as Islamic boarding schools which usually wear white school uniforms. This symbolizes purity.

In Indonesia, there are also a number of Vocational High Schools (SMK) which are equivalent to SMA, only the majors are more specific and more practical.

For example, a nursing vocational school which on average wears a white uniform and long blue or green subordinates.

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