Choosing a Company that already has Textile Certification

ptsansan – If you are a beginner in the business world, using the service of a makloon at a textile company will help you a lot. By using this textile service, your work will be lighter. However, you may still be wondering what kind of textile company should be a partner in your business.

The right answer is a textile company that has gone through a production certification process. Yes, this textile certification is very important for those of you who will cooperate in producing clothes.

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Not only a matter of trust, textile certification is also proof that the company has passed a competency test in the field of clothing material production. With this certification, the products you produce will be of much higher quality, because the company is already an ‘expert’ and understands your needs.

Such as PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya which has a textile certificate in producing clothing for clients. Here are some things related to the importance of choosing a clothing production company that has gone through textile certification.

The Importance Things of Choosing a Company That Has a Textile Certification

1. Quality Assurance

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With the issuance of a textile certificate, it reflects the validity of the quality assurance or quality of the manufactured goods circulating both domestically and abroad. In Indonesia, it is usually marked with the symbol ‘SNI’.

This SNI is a sign of supporting the competitiveness of national industrial products, in this case textiles, to facilitate the flow of goods and protect consumers.

2. Textile Certification Proves to Have Been Tested by Experienced Auditors

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By going through textile certification, it means that the goods to be produced have been tested by experienced auditors in this field. If it passes, then the goods have a decent quality to be marketed according to the testing standards. This is very good for those of you who go into the business world. By choosing materials according to standards, consumers will be more confident.

3. Production Management

It’s not just a matter of goods, the textile certification process is also assessed in terms of production management. Whether the goods are made to the standards set by the certification test agency or not. Then, whether the company has met the standards in processing production goods.

In addition, this textile certification can benefit both parties, the company and the client, which has the potential to reap more benefits.

4. Protection for Clients

Textile certification can also protect clients from low-quality goods or goods that do not meet national or international quality, especially from companies that have produced goods with large capacities. This company already has a large buyer range, where a good reputation is required.

The points above are a number of advantages if you choose a production company that has passed the textile certification test. Especially for you, you are calmer in doing business and can focus more on developing marketing strategies.

For example, PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya, a clothing production company that has received an OEKO TEX textile certificate, where the materials used to produce clothing have been tested for safety. In addition, we also have a certificate of Global Organic Standards, so the materials used are safe from chemicals that can harm clients.

In the production process, supported by Continuous Process technology, 35 years of experience in Textile Technology Know-how and quality Human Resources. We are known for the quality of our uniform and fashion cotton, T/R, T/C and CVC fabrics that are able to meet national and international standards.

To help meet your needs for making clothes in large quantities such as uniforms, PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya can also be your choice. We have been trusted at national and international levels, in the textile industry and have pocketed production standard certificates.

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With a production capacity of Dyeing Finishing, PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya can produce 2,000,000 meters/month. We also accept orders in the form of job orders/makloon to CMT for the sizing process; RFD/PFD, Dyeing, even finishing for all types of woven fabrics.  Kindly contact us on the Contact page for order requests and further information.


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