The Best Shirt Material To Make Your Work More Comfortable

pt.sansan – For those office workers, perhaps including you, of course, you are required to wear clothes that are shirts which not only look so neat but also make you comfortable while doing some work. Therefore, the shirt material needs to be high quality. Have you already known that there are two types of fabric which are suitable for shirts? Yes, Drill and Cotton are mostly used to make shirts.  So, it’s a good idea to get to know these two fabrics before making a shirt for work.

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  • Cotton Fabric

You must be familiar with this type of fabric. Yes, it is cotton. This shirt material is made from cotton or Gossypium plant fibers. Occupying the highest position in the market, Cotton Fabrics are indeed the most sought after by consumers for making clothes, especially shirts and uniforms. Cotton fabrics are further divided into two types, namely Linen and Polyester. Linen is made from 100% cotton plant fibers, so the price is relatively high, while Polyester consists of a mixture of cotton plant fibers and synthetic or hand-made materials. Its price is below Linen.

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Cotton fabrics are basically suitable for making shirts because of their strong durability and soft texture. In addition, you will be feeling cool when wearing it which is good for your skin.

The colors of Cotton are not easily faded away when it’s being washed. Also, it has a variety of colors to choose from. Furthermore, you will feel more confident and it helps you to increase your mood. 

Here are the types of Cotton that you can choose for your shirts, including Supernova Cotton, Ima Cotton, Toyobo Cotton, Japanese Cotton, Flannel Cotton to Combed Cotton.

  • Drill Fabric

The next type is Drill, which is made from a mixture of materials. This shirt material normally consists of a combination of Cotton and Polyester. Therefore, the texture of this fabric is usually thicker than others. Drill cloth has the characteristics of a sturdier spin and a slanted design. Even though it is quite thick, Drill still feels light when it is used. This thickness varies, depending on the type and grade of the fabric.

The spun slanted thread on Drill aims to make the fabric not easily torn and make it unique. The drill is also easier to iron than Cotton.

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Just like Cotton, Drill easily absorbs sweat, so you will be comfortable when wearing it. However, this fabric is limited in terms of color, not as much as Cotton, thus it is very suitable to be used as a school or office uniform material.

The types of Drill fabric that you can use include Twill Drill, American Drill, and Japan Drill. What distinguishes the three is the size of the fiber in the fabric. There are small and large, depending on your comfort and taste.

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