The Difference between Women’s and Men’s Suits – For any of you who works in the office, surely you are familiar with a suit or blazer.  By wearing a suit or blazer when working, you usually will be much more confident, especially when dealing with clients or interacting with fellow colleagues.

This further strengthens the function of a blazer to use when working, it is very effective for you to look more presentable and professional with your position.  At the same time, your credibility also increases.

Wearing a blazer will also impress your clients or co-workers with your appearance. The first impression created in their minds will usually be more positive.
However, did you know that suits or blazers for men and women are different? So where is the dissimilarity?

1. Sleeve length

A men suit usually has longer sleeves than a blazer for women. This is to make it look neater. Unlike the case with a blazer, which now has many models, and it doesn’t even have to be with long sleeves. This is what makes a blazer more unique than a suit for men.

In terms of the sewing process, it is also different, suits are usually more exclusive because they have to adjust and fit the body size of the wearer, so the production is not mass. While blazers are more common, they can be sewn in large quantities.

2. Different place of buttons

Another difference between a suit for women and  men is the way the buttons are laid. Yes, on men’s coats, the buttons are usually placed on the sleeves as well, especially on the cuffs. Therefore, the buttons of the shirt and coat will meet and look right when worn. Meanwhile, in the blazer or suit for women, there are no buttons on the sleeves, so the model is more flexible.

3. Suit for men can be used for various formal events

Suits for men can certainly be used when attending various formal events, because they are more neutral and look neat and dashing. While the blazer is more suitable for work purposes only. For example, to attend a wedding.

Women will be more suitable to wear dresses or kebaya, while men can still wear suits and shirts.

4. Blazer models are not suitable for men

The next difference between suits for men and women is the model. Yes, men’s suit designs are matched for women’s bodies with the waist is more shaped.

Meanwhile the blazer is not suitable at all for men because it has a curve in the shape of the waist and the model is also characteristic of women. Those are some of the differences between suits for women and men.

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