Make Hospitality Appearance by Taking Care of Office Uniform

ptsansan – As a person who works in the service sector, you are required to deal with clients along with a good hospitality appearance. Meanwhile, you also try to get a good impression from clients, including when you are wearing a uniform. Make Hospitality appearance by putting on a clean and tidy uniform reflects your personality, whether you are an organized person or not.

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In fact, having a good looking appearance not only reflects your personality, but it also depicts the company which automatically will have a good reputation in the minds of clients. Here are 5 ways to take care of office uniforms so that you are more confident when working and dealing with clients.

4 Ways To Take Care of Office Uniforms to Maintain a Hospitality Appearance

1. Pay attention to the materials

Uniform materials can be made of cotton and t-shirts, depending on the company’s own needs. However, most use cotton for indoor use. Cotton fabrics are also subdivided into several types, including polyester and linen. However, the most noticeable feature of cotton fabric is that it is a bit unruly.

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Therefore, you have to be careful when washing to ironing cotton cloth to keep it looking good and well-groomed. Usually, clients like a neat and clean appearance. If you’re wearing wrinkled clothes, it’s not impossible that clients will think you’re the sloppy type.

2. Wash

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Wash the uniform with cold or warm water, do not use hot water because it can damage the material. Additionally, if your uniform is buttoned, it must be opened first. Do not wash uniforms with the buttons attached to the holes. So that the uniform color remains durable and does not fade, separate brightly colored clothes from neutral ones.

Other tips for taking care of cloth is to be carefull when rubbing the clothes, do not be too long or hard. Avoid using chemicals that can damage clothes. Use a detergent with ingredients that are fairly safe. Don’t forget to turn the clothes over first. After that, dry it in a place that is not facing direct sunlight.

3. Ironing

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Next, you not only have to wash the clothes, but also need to pay attention when ironing. First concern to the label on the uniform, which usually tells the temperature of ironing.

Then, use the technique of ironing clothes consistently. If you are used to ironing with a horizontal motion, then just keep using this technique, don’t suddenly change the movement to a vertical one, so that your clothes are kept neat. Do not miss spraying deodorizer in order to make your clothes keep  fragrant.

4. Save the clothes to Complete Hospitality Appearance

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For uniforms, it is good to hang them in the closet in order to keep them tidy rather than folding the uniform, especially if the materials are made of cotton which is basically easily to wrinkle. Conversely, if your uniform is made of t-shirt material, you might fold it and save in the storage.

So, those are some ways to increase hospitality appearance by taking care of uniforms, especially for those of you whose work has to deal with clients every day. It should be noted that, your appearance and behavior reflects the character of the company.

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