Best Fabrics for Women’s Office Uniforms many women around the world, office wear is more than a matter of work and business. A well-designed & comfortable workwear is also an essential part of their daily appearance since it blends personal style and professionalism.

When it comes to women’s office uniforms, some will usually look for fabrics that are super soft, breathable, and can be shaped neatly to create a professional look. However, with the rising popularity of casual business looks, any kind of fabric seems to be a good choice. But, which one is the best fabric for you? Let’s check some of the most common fabrics used to make women’s office uniforms.

  • Cotton

The most popular one to date is cotton. Cotton fabric belongs to a type of knitted fabric, which is made of fiber from cotton trees. 100% cotton has a number of advantages, including its soft texture, hypoallergenic feature, and super breathability. With these advantages in mind, it is no doubt that cotton becomes one of the most suitable fabrics for women’s office uniforms, especially for those with high mobility.

  • Drill

In addition to cotton, drill is also often used to make women’s uniforms. Although it is quite thick, drill fabric can absorb sweat very well, and it is not easily wrinkled. Another well-known advantage of drill fabric is its durability and color retention. 

Drill fabric can be categorized into several types, including Twist, American, and Japanese Drill. Each of them has its own characteristics. One of the characteristics of Twist Drill, for example, is its water-resistant or water-repellent feature. This kind of fabric is generally used for alma mater jackets for outdoor use. Meanwhile, American and Japanese Drill have stronger feels compared to other types of fabrics. Since they consist of polyester materials, they have excellent color absorption as well.

  • Tropical

The next one is tropical fabric. Tropical fabrics are commonly preferred by office workers due to their softer texture. In addition, it has a diverse range of colors. There are approximately 150 colors that you can choose for your next office uniform. That is why its price tends to be a little bit higher than other kinds of fabrics. 

  • Canvas

The last one is canvas. Canvas fabric is a blend of cotton and linen. This kind of fabric is quite known for its thick and heavy characteristics. But, beyond that, it is highly comfortable to wear for fieldwork. That is why fieldwork uniforms, or what is commonly known as PDL (Pakaian Dinas Lapangan), usually use canvas fabric. Canvas is also best for mountain activities because it can protect the users from sun exposure or rock scratches.

To conclude, those are the most common fabrics used for women’s office uniforms. If your company is planning to provide or remodel uniforms to suit the needs of your employees, then what you’re about to read may be the best opportunity yet for you.

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