Why is It Called Baby Terry and Baby Canvas?

pt.sansan – Two types of fabrics that are quite popular in the market right now and have unique characteristics are baby terry and baby canvas. Those names may sound strange to some people, but it is quite familiar to people who have passion or have been in the textile industry for a while. Baby terry and baby canvas may both have the word ‘baby’ in them, but these two types of fabric do not come from the same root.

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What is Baby Terry?

Baby terry fabric is originally only known as terry or terrycloth. However, times have made many people change its name to baby terry, considering its texture which is soft like a baby’s skin. This type of fabric is commonly used for making jackets, sweaters, hooded jackets, robes, or other warm clothes.

What is Baby Canvas?

Meanwhile, baby canvas fabric comes from a variety of canvas fabrics which has the lowest thickness compared to other types of canvas fabrics. Although it has the thinnest structure, baby canvas is still quite thick and strong compared to wolfis or balotelli fabrics. Initially, canvas cloth was known as a medium for painting, but over time, canvas cloth began to be seen as a common material for making various accessories, such as bags, shoes, and jackets.

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Baby Terry Characteristics

Baby terry has various characteristics that make this fabric bear the name baby in it. Some of the characteristics of baby terry cloth are as follows.

1. Smooth Texture

The soft and smooth characteristics of baby terry make it non-irritating to sensitive skin. This is the reason baby terry cloth is often used as material for making towels and baby clothes.

2. Gives Warmth

Baby terry fabric has fine furs that make it able to keep the user’s body temperature stable. Therefore, this cloth is used as a material for making warm clothes.

3. Breathable

Although it can provide warmth, baby terry can also be used in the warm season without making the user stifling. This is due to the characteristics of the fabric that can absorb sweat.

4. Looks Elegant

Even though it has a relatively affordable price, you will still be able to look luxurious with clothes made of baby terry. This is due to the composition of the fabric containing cotton.

Baby Canvas Characteristics

Meanwhile, baby canvas has various characteristics that make this fabric bear the baby’s name in it. Some of the characteristics of baby canvas fabric are as follows.

1. Soft Texture

As previously mentioned, baby canvas does not have the same texture as other canvas fabrics. Baby canvas fabric has a softer texture so it still feels comfortable when used.

2. Not Easily Tangled

In addition to not being as stiff as other canvas fabrics, baby canvas fabric also does not wrinkle easily. Clothes made of baby canvas will still look neat even if they are not ironed.

3. Strong Fiber

Because it is made of a tight weave, baby canvas has a sturdy texture so it doesn’t tear easily. This character makes baby canvas suitable as a material for making bags and parkas.

4. High Quality

Baby canvas also proves its high quality with its durability. With proper care, you can wear items made of baby canvas for years.

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