4 Types of Makloon or CMT in Textile Industries

pt.sansan – Who among you is unfamiliar with the term ‘makloon’ or CMT in textile industries? As we discussed in the previous article, makloon is a type of production where the vendor only carries out certain steps. Meanwhile, the materials are provided by the buyer himself. Makloon services themselves are quite popular among buyers as it can cut production costs and improve quality control. However, you may still be wondering, what services can be handed over to third parties in the textile industry? Let’s look at four types of makloon that you can generally choose.

  1. Screen Printing

Makloon screen printing can be defined as a service or job where the vendor only focuses on the design and filling of images or mediums for t-shirts, bags, jackets, work uniforms, and others. The calculation of screen printing makloon services usually depends on the number of colors and the amount of t-shirt material to be screened.

  1. Embroidery Makloon

The next type of makloon is embroidery makloon. Similar to screen printing makloon, embroidery makloon is an embroidery service offering for polo shirts or collared shirts such as polyester and pique which is done by a third party or owner of production equipment. Even though it looks simple, the makloon embroidery service is in great demand by the market.

  1. Cut, Make and Trim (CMT)

Makloon sewing or also known as CMT (cut, make, trim) is a form of cooperation with third parties related to sewing activities. The services offered are usually in the form of full or partial service offerings. It is calculated based on the difficulty level of the shirt design. The range is from patterns, pattern cutting, sewing, finishing, and packing processes.

  1. Press Makloon

Lastly, there is the makloon press. This type of makloon offers services for filling images on products. This request is processed by finishing press transfer paper or screen printing plastisol ink with 100% cotton t-shirt material. Makloon press services are widely chosen in making t-shirts for certain events.

Thus a brief explanation of several types of makloon in the textile world. Should you be interested in manufacturing uniforms or workwear made of cotton and are currently looking for a trusted supplier or vendor, PT. Sansan Saudaratex Jaya is here to fulfill your demands.

With a monthly capacity of 2,000,000 meters, we are open for job order/CMT for sizing, RFD (Ready For Dyeing), RFP (Ready For Print) and Finishing processes for all kinds of woven fabrics. The specialty of our product is uniform fabrics (Cotton, TC / TR) which require large quantities of color stability and have high washing resistance (using the Vat Dyeing / Vessel method). In addition, we are experts in processing trouser fabrics (high gramation fabrics) which have a stretch effect. Kindly contact us on the Contact page for order requests and further information.


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