The Meaning Behind Indonesian ASN Uniform – If you pay attention to the people who work at an institution that requires uniforms, the apparel usually exudes an interesting blend of colour and design. An example of that is airline uniform which oftentimes matches its colour with the company’s emblem, or even with the planes. It’s so exquisite, isn’t it? Besieged that, the flight attendants also use other attributes as additional accessories that represent the company’s identity.

Another example is the colour of the National Army (TNI)’s uniform, which basically has a mix of black and dark green tone. Thus, anyone who sees it can immediately guess that the person is most definitely a servant to the nation.

Likewise, the distinct color of State Civil Apparatus (ASN) in Indonesia, which is dominated with golden brown characteristics, also has some philosophical meanings behind. Especially during the leadership of Joko Widodo (Jokowi), the President of Indonesia, where a new model of Indonesian ASN uniform emerged in the form of a white long-shirt with black pants (for man) and skirt (for woman). So, what’s the meaning?

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  • The History of Indonesian Civil Servants’ Uniform

Surely you’re keen to know the meaning behind Indonesian ASN uniform and its golden brown palette, aren’t you? Well, the story began when Sir Henry Lawrence, a British Officer who served in India in the 1840s. He often wore a thin fabric uniform, considering the extreme weather there. To reduce the impact of the stiflingly hot weather, he covered his clothes with ‘khaki’, which means ‘dirt’, referring to soil.

He believed that ‘khaki’ could help him cool down his body temperature. Since then, this soil colour is used as the basic colour of Indonesian ASN uniform nowadays. In addition, there are three main philosophical bases as to why ‘khaki’ colour is applied on Indonesian ASN uniforms.

  1. Reflecting Human’s Trait of Being Humble

The color of the soil used in civil servant uniform aims to form a humble attitude and personality in doing their duties. ASN officers, whose daily work is in the office, are required to be humble, avoiding any arrogant traits. If any kind of arrogance occurs within the scope of ASN, they will lose respect from their environment.

  1. As a Reminder of the Hard Work during Service

The color of ‘khaki’ is also a reminder of ASN’s effort during their service to the nation. Salaries, allowances, and so on are the results of their hard work, which were achieved in a path full of twists. That’s why it’s closely associated with the term “don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

  1. Easily Recognized by the Public

It cannot be denied that the color of khaki is indeed the one of the most easily recognized by the public in Indonesia. When looking at this uniform, it is easy for other people to guess that its user is definitely a civil servant or state civil apparatus (ASN). This recognition shall be a foundation for each and every ASN in giving service to the public.

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