Tips For Washing Cotton Uniforms – Are you among those who still tend to wash all your clothes in the same way, regardless of the fabrics? Back when we were young, parents would warn us to wash all our clothes carefully and to split them according to their fabrics. It’s not without a reason. As an example, in washing cotton uniforms, you have to wash and rub the collar meticulously, since it is a part that directly touches the neck where stains usually come from. To help you even more, check these 3 tips for washing cotton uniforms that can be applied to avoid stains.

  • Do Not Use Bleach

Basically, bleach is made from a mixture of water and chemicals, such as sodium hypochlorite or sodium percolate. These ingredients are indeed good for getting rid of stains on the fabrics. However, fabrics will be easily damaged as well after frequent use of bleach. It will lose its softness, is easily torn, and the bright colors of the fabric fade away. Therefore, time to reduce the use of bleach when washing cotton uniforms.

Besides, the effects of chemical bleach also have the potential to pollute the environment when they come into contact with the soil. Not only that,, the water pumped from the ground can no longer be used as well. Therefore, in order to maintain the durability of uniform fabrics, simply use detergent.

  • Pay Attention To the Fabrics

The next step on these tips is to pay attention to the type of uniform fabrics when washing them. Uniforms that are generally made of mixed cotton, for example, should be washed using cold water instead of warm. This is because fabrics made from cotton are more suitable for cold temperatures.

Washing with cold water can also help you keep the strength of the fabric threads. Therefore, in order to maintain the durability of uniform fabrics, don’t hesitate to use cold water and detergents that you usually use on a daily basis.

  • Separate Cotton Uniforms From Other Clothes

It might be annoying having to classify all your clothes every time you are going to wash them. But, wouldn’t it be more annoying if you find out that all your uniforms’ colors fade due to being carelessly washed with other clothes?

Therefore, when you want to wash it, it will be better to separate between uniforms and non-uniform clothes. Moreover, should you find stains on your uniforms, don’t put it in the washing machine straight away. You have to soak it first to get rid of the stains.

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Source: Business Insider

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