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Various Textile and Garment Products from PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya

ptsansan.co.id – If you are looking for a factory that can produce large quantities of garment or clothes, PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya is able to help you. PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya is a company that produces high quality garments for local and global markets. We also apply very competitive prices. By using large and capable production machines, we are able to produce approximately 2.5 million manufactured goods. PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya produces various kinds of clothing, with quality and affordable materials The following is a list of products produced by PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya Textile and Garment Products from PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya Textiles PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya has two types of products, namely garments and textiles. Textiles are the

Garment and Textile, How Are They Different?

PTSansan.co.id – If you’re currently dealing with clothing making and are relatively new to the industry, you may be wondering about certain terms. Well, if we look into the bigger picture, it’s best for you to know that the clothing industry is usually classified into two major types, namely garment and textile. Have you known how they differ? If not, here is a short explanation of the differences between garment and textile. What is Garment? Most of you are probably familiar with tailors, aren’t you? Similar to tailors, garment also produces clothes, but on a larger scale, considering that there are many people involved and sewing machines available. Garments can produce up to thousands of pieces  of clothes. Garments also