Garment and Textile, How Are They Different? – If you’re currently dealing with clothing making and are relatively new to the industry, you may be wondering about certain terms. Well, if we look into the bigger picture, it’s best for you to know that the clothing industry is usually classified into two major types, namely garment and textile. Have you known how they differ? If not, here is a short explanation of the differences between garment and textile.

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  • What is Garment?

Most of you are probably familiar with tailors, aren’t you? Similar to tailors, garment also produces clothes, but on a larger scale, considering that there are many people involved and sewing machines available. Garments can produce up to thousands of pieces  of clothes.

Garments also have a good management system, compared to regular tailors. Therefore, garment is usually called a factory because in terms of technological perspective, garment has tools that are more sophisticated and more practical to support work speed and product quality in achieving targets.

The target market of garment covers malls to supermarkets. The distinctive service that is usually done by garment factories is CMT (cut, make, trim), which is the process of making clothes in the aspect of cutting materials, sewing, and finishing.

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  • What is Textile?

Meanwhile, textile deals with the process of turning fibers into yarn, which then becomes a ready-to-sew material or cloth.

The fiber processing includes spinning, weaving, knitting, finishing or dyeing  and printing. Spinning is a process to produce yarn from high quality raw materials, which are then knitted according to the desired density. Weaving is the process of making raw fabrics using a weaving machine. Meanwhile, knitting is the process of knitting yarn into clothes. Finally there’s dyeing, which is basically giving color to the fabric, then applying it to a motif using a printing machine.

So, those are the differences between garment and textile. Basically, textile comes first, then garment comes later. Now, to help you have the best quality of shirt,  PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya offers both services.

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