2021 Workwear Fashion Trends, What’s In It for Us?

PTSansan.co.id The year has passed, but like it or not, it seems like the pandemic is not going anywhere in the near future. Now that this crisis has changed the way we work every day, it is likely that the 2021 workwear fashion trends will also change by a mile. So, for those of you who are planning on a new company uniform design, it can be a good idea for you to take a look at some of the most talked about fashion predictions below. Here are several fashion trends that are predicted to rise in 2021 within the scope of work culture.

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  • Workleisure

The more work from home (WFH) culture is implemented, the more workleisure style will be prevalent as well. Bear in mind, this style does not equal dressing carelessly. Workleisure is a style of clothing that feels casually comfortable, yet still looks formally polite when used for work. This style usually combines a formal top with casual pants like yoga pants or joggers. The arrival of workleisure fashion provides a new nuance at work, in this case companies. Now, workwears don’t always have to look stiff and boring. More and more companies are predicted to be more active in 2021 in supporting the comfort, flexibility, and style preference of their employees with this smart casual style. Simply put, new 2021 workwear fashion trends have been introduced along with the emergence of a new work culture.

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  • Pajama Suit

What other fashion trends will be on the horizon in 2021? The answer is a new proposition called a pajama suit. Now, you may ask, how can a pajama be considered formal? Well, this fashion concept sort of combines pajama materials with a suit-shaped top. This trend also emerges due to the rapid shift to WFH culture amid the pandemic. Although at first glance this fashion trend seems almost similar to a conventional suit, this workwear is actually made of a comfortable stretchy fabric, which allows its user to feel as comfortable as when he/she is wearing a pajama. The goal of this pajama suit is none other than so that employees can always look presentable, whether during a video conference or for a few minutes outdoors, while being able to move freely.

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  • Loungewear

During work from home, changing clothes from pajamas sounds like a big challenge for some of you. It feels like it’s more practical to just wear sleepwear all day, even during work hours. But, look more. Here is a new trend that gives you a cool workwear that feels like pajamas, but doesn’t look like pajamas. This style of clothing is called loungewear. Loungewear itself has long been used for relaxing at home, but now it has particularly emerged as a type of workwears during this pandemic. According to some, loungewear will be sought after in 2021 because it can provide the comfort of pajamas while still maintaining a casual and elegant look. For those of you who are still struggling with work from home for the next year, wear soft blue, olive green, gray colors for these 2021 workwear fashion trends.

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  • The Lockdown ‘Uniform”

During the early pandemic in 2020, some fashion stylists saw the development of certain fashion trends that are interlinked with the lockdown, hence the title ‘lockdown uniform’ to refer to a special fashion trend during this crisis. This style mostly takes a reference from the various styles of the upper middle class and the clothes they usually wear in the middle of the lockdown. For women, leggings and coats seem to be the items that signify the meaning of work amidst limited distances. Why? It’s because on the one hand, it looks casual, but on the other hand, it remains neat and put together. This trend is predicted to skyrocket again in 2021.

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  • Branded Workwear

Despite the pandemic, it seems that conventional workwear with distinctive branding will still be in demand in 2021. However, there will be many new ways to embed brand identity on an employee’s workwear. Over the past few years, several companies have started thinking about ways to expand their brand in a more creative way. A trend predicted to emerge in 2021, for example, is the addition of a special pocket in a corporate shirt which features a unique print or brand pattern. There is also this idea of ​​a button-up shirt that features custom contrast cuffs that align with the company’s branding identity. In addition, special patches are also predicted to emerge as a form of branding strategy on work uniforms this year.

Those are some of the most possible 2021 workwear fashion trends. Isn’t this a huge opportunity for your company to do something different with your workwears? Well, you can achieve that particular goal now. As a form of collaboration with the consumers, PT. Sansan Saudaratex Jaya Textile Division accepts job orders, makloon, or CMT for all textile processing in our facilities (starting from sizing, weaving, reactive dyes). Feel free to consult your needs and contact us via the following link for reservations and more information.


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