Best Color Combination For Company Uniform For many people, the three most important factors when choosing an office uniform is comfort, durability, and style. However, do you know that apart from these three factors, color combination also plays a very important role for your company’s brand? Therefore, when considering the design that you are going to choose, you also need to decide the best color combination for company uniforms.

  • Why is It Important?

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More than just logos and designs, color speaks volumes about your business. Since ancient times, humans have had a certain emotional attraction to color. Try to pay attention to the colors around you, for example along the road or the commercials on your TV. Look at which colors pop up the most and catch your eye.

You may see bright reds and yellows the most often, especially in restaurants. This is no coincidence because this color combination is thought to attract attention and encourage hunger. Going even deeper, customers will bond emotionally with the brand through this color selection. That’s why color plays an important role in your company uniform.

  • Meaning of Color

Whatever business you run, you must consider the psychological meanings behind the various colors you choose. So, even in designing corporate uniforms, think about the symbolic meanings behind every color to boost your brand’s image.

  1. Black

Black uniforms denote authority, expertise, vast knowledge and sophistication. It is without a doubt that this color is often referred to as ‘power dressing’. This color is generally chosen by banks or large corporates. Apart from symbolizing firmness, a black office uniform can also give the impression of being calm and controlled. This color can stand alone or be combined with neutral colors, such as white or other soft colors.

  1. Blue

This particular color is the most common and popular choice for office uniforms. Blue is a corporate color that symbolizes superior values because it is synonymous with the color of the sky and the vast ocean. Blue is also a symbol of teamwork as it signifies trust, ownership and confidentiality. Most companies prefer blue uniforms over black because it gives a much more welcoming and open impression.

  1. Green

Green gives an aura of serenity, peace, and fertility. City park management usually choose green for their work uniforms because of its association with plants. Health centers and pharmacies also often use this color because of its association with health and growth. This color will look even better if combined with brownish tones.

  1. White

Purity, cleanliness and serenity are the meanings attached to a white uniform. That is why beauty therapists, doctors, and other health workers often wear white clothes. An important thing to note with the color white is that behind its clean impression, there is a chance that it also gets dirty fast. White can be combined with any color as long as it still fits your brand identity.

  1. Red

Red company uniforms give off a dynamic, passionate and confident impression. A red polo shirt can be a great uniform choice for food & beverage businesses, department stores, and other industries that interact directly with the customers. On the other hand, however, red can also be considered confrontational, so it is necessary to reconsider its appropriateness.

  1. Silver or Metallic Gray

Silver, as well as some other shades of gray, generally suggest technological expertise and scientific ability. Therefore, silver is often considered a prestige color, and it is an excellent choice for corporate uniforms with high reputation in technology.

  1. Yellow and Gold

Happiness, optimism and creativity are the symbolic meanings behind the color yellow and its derivatives. Its warm symbol is also assisted by its sense of warning which is common in the world of construction and manufacturing trade. Go for yellow if you want an eye-catching corporate uniform color. Trust us, the customer’s brain will automatically pick up on this color first.

  • So, Time to Make Your Choice!

That’s it, the most commonly best color combination used for company uniforms and their symbolic meanings. Now, it’s time for you to choose and match the best colors for your office uniform. Consult your needs on this particular topic with your trusted vendor, which is no other than us. PT. Sansan Saudaratex Jaya Textile Division is trusted by many customers all around the world on job orders, makloon, or CMT for all textile processing processes in our factory facilities. Kindly consult your needs with us via the following link.

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