Fabric Trends for Shirts in 2021

PTSansan.co.id – Fabric selection is often an important factor in making shirts or work uniforms. Some of you may already have already known how to distinguish certain types of fabric and choose which one you are most comfortable in. But, for those of you who are still unfamiliar with the many kinds of fabric, you should consider the following explanation to avoid purchasing the wrong ones. Especially when it comes to 2021, where there are specific fabric trends used for shirts.

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  • Dobby Cotton

In 2021, shirts that are made of cotton dobby are being intensively marketed. Dobby cotton has unique characteristics and a number of advantages. This type of fabric is made with additional tools to produce attractive motifs, such as squares, lines, and abstracts with prominent fibers.

Dobby cotton also has a smooth texture that makes it resistant to wrinkles, and you will definitely feel more comfortable in it due to its breathability. According to many sources, dobby cotton can be further divided into several kinds, including dobby rayon, cotton, viscose, and polyester. However, the most common ones used in making shirts is dobby cotton, which is made of 100% cotton.

  • Oxford Cotton

The second one among fabric trends in 2021 is those made of oxford cotton. This fabric is categorized into drill weaving which makes it thicker than dobby cotton. Although oxford cotton tends to be quite heavy, it remains comfortable to wear as a shirt. Another strength of oxford cotton is its ability to make users look more elegant.

Should you choose oxford cotton for your shirts, please beware of these care instructions. First, do not mix it with other clothes in the washing machine Second, do not soak shirts with this type of fabric for too long. Lastly, use only detergent and dry it in the sun.

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  • Pique Cotton

The next one is pique cotton. As one of the current fabric trends, it can be identified through its dense knit pattern, which is generally in the form of a hexagon or rectangle. Pique cotton, usually a combination of TC and CVC, can be widely found in good quality polo shirts.

What’s TC and CVC anyway? TC or Tetoron Cotton is a mixture of polyester and cotton, but it consists of more polyester composition. Thus, its absorption rate may not be as good as CVC. Meanwhile. CVC or Chief Value Cotton. is made of 55% cotton and  45% polyester.

  • Toyobo Cotton

Toyobo cotton has softer and smoother characteristics. Toyobo is widely applied in Japanese cotton. However, it usually appears more glossy to make its users more elegant. No need for an extra lining addition when you choose Toyobo. Don’t worry, although Toyobo is quite thick in weight, it is still comfortable to wear because it doesn’t feel stiff.

Those are the 2021 fabric trends used in shirts. To help you produce the best quality of shirt, feel free to consult your needs on this particular topic with your trusted vendor, which is no other than us. PT. Sansan Saudaratex Jaya Textile Division is trusted by many customers all around the world on job orders, makloon, or CMT for all textile processing processes in our factory facilities. Therefore, do not hesitate to consult your uniform manufacturing needs with us. Please contact us immediately via this link.


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