Planning To Design Corporate Uniforms – Planning to design corporate uniforms? Corporate uniforms are often undervalued by many companies, when in fact, it should take a lot of time and consideration. Why? Well, it’s because your corporate uniform will determine the image of your company in the eyes of the public. A good uniform should not only be good to look at, but also can function properly. To fulfill these criteria, you need to consider a few things in advance before you are planning to design corporate uniforms.

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  • Understand Your Workplace

The first step that must be done before you design corporate uniforms is to understand everything about your work environment. Well, in this case, choosing a quality and suitable fabric is a priority. However, it’s not only about that. In choosing the fabric material, you also have to consider what kind of activities you do at work, whether you work indoors or outdoors, and whether your job includes light or heavy work. This careful thought is important so that you can choose the most appropriate fabric. Also, think about the aesthetics of the uniform and what values ​​it will convey.

  • Know Your Employees

Next, you also need to think about the demographics of the company. Are your employees among the younger or older generation? Remember, uniforms are not only there to complement the employees. The design must also meet the criteria of what they actually like and stand for. So, before you design corporate uniforms, it would be better if it’s adjusted to what your employees have agreed on. In addition, it also needs to be adjacent to the company’s brand. The size of each corporate uniform also needs to be taken into considerations since everyone has a different body posture. In summary, it’s necessary to prepare all essential data about your employees before making company uniforms.

  • Make Sure It Fits the Job

Although workwear visuals are important, don’t forget that a good uniform must also possess a practical feature. Corporate uniforms should fit the job at hand and convey the right message to clients or customers. This is why you have to ensure that each uniform fits each job position. Different roles or job desks may require different uniform designs. For example, in a restaurant, you may need to design a different uniform for the manager. So, if a customer wants to file a complaint, they will easily know who might be able to help them.

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  • Specify the Color

Color can play a very important role for work aesthetics and functionality, especially for businesses that only use plain t-shirts or shirts as their company uniforms. When it comes to workwear color, think about your office interior color and brand identity as well. You don’t necessarily have to choose just one color, you can combine different uniform colors by applying color layering. Apart from color, one of the most highlighted points during post-production is the screen printing and uniform embroidery. Good embroidery can affect the look of your company uniform. So, prepare the best embroidery or screen printing design.

  • Choose the Best Manufacturer

Aside from demanding quality and material availability, you might also want a uniform manufacturer that is available at all times. This part will become very crucial if things go wrong, such as if an employee needs a replacement uniform. Knowing that this particular problem cannot be ignored, you want to ensure that the manufacturing process can be done again quickly. Therefore, before you design corporate uniforms, find a uniform manufacturer near you with the best quality assurance.

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