Poplin vs Twill Fabric for Shirts

PTSansan.co.id – Looking for quality fabric for your formal shirts? If yes, then you may want to know more about these two fabrics: poplin and twill. Both poplin and twill cotton are great choices for shirts since they have great strength and durability. However, each of them has its own characteristics. What are they, you may ask? Well, here’s a summary on poplin vs twill, and which one suits your needs best.

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  • What’s Poplin Cotton?

The first one is poplin cotton. Poplin has a soft and smooth texture, and it usually has no pattern on its surface. It’s usually made of purely cotton, silk or wool yarn. Moreover, poplin cotton uses a weaving technique on cotton, silk, or wool yarn. Aside from its breathability, poplin does not fade easily, so you don’t have to bother separating it from other clothes in the washing machine. But, even though it doesn’t fade easily, it still has to be treated with care.

  • Features of Poplin Cotton

The main advantage of choosing poplin cotton is that it is really great to absorb sweat, especially for those of you who have high mobility. Its ability to absorb sweat properly will keep you from various skin diseases due to moisture.

Moreover, generally speaking, poplin cotton tends to be lighter as well. But if combined with spandex, it can become more stretchy and firm. Poplin is also known to last for years, provided it is cared for properly. Even during the sewing process, poplin cotton is easily shaped because of its flat surface. As a result, you don’t have to spend excess energy on ironing since poplin does not get wrinkly.

Regardless of the many advantages you will get from wearing poplin cotton, you still have to be careful because poplin may not not be suitable for winter use since the fabric contains a thin base.

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  • What’s Twill Cotton?

Another type of fabric that is also often used to make shirts is twill cotton. Unlike poplin which tends to be patternless, the threads in twill cotton are sewn up diagonally on its surface. Such a pattern is carefully designed to ensure its strength and durability. Twill cotton is also sewn with a very tight knit, so that the fabric does not tear and wrinkle easily.

  • Features of Twill Cotton

With an addition of spandex materials, twill cotton can become more pliable and softer, with longer durability too of course. Just like poplin cotton, this fabric easily absorbs sweat, so it is suitable to be used in tropical areas like Indonesia. Another similarity between twill and poplin is that both don’t wear off easily and offer great breathability..

Unlike poplin cotton though, which is not suitable for winter clothes, twill cotton can still be used in cold weather, because the material is thicker.

In the end, that’s the difference you need to know between poplin vs twill fabric. To help you with the best quality of shirt, feel free to consult your needs with us. PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya Textile Division is capable of producing high quality shirts that you need. We can help you manufacture any kind of uniform, with a capacity for sewing reaching up to 3,000,000 meters / month, making the results even more optimal.

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