Recommended Place to Make Uniforms in Bandung – Looking for a place to make uniforms in Bandung, especially in large quantities? If yes, PT. Sansan Saudaratex Jaya is the perfect solution for your particular need. Our garment factory, which was established in 1987 in Cimahi, West Java, has been trusted for more than 20 years in providing high quality garments at a very competitive price. But, before you order at PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya Garment, let’s take a peek at what benefits you will get in becoming one of our cherished customers.

  • Quantity and Precision

PT. Sansan Saudaratex Jaya is highly experienced in producing and manufacturing a large number of clothing, ranging from offices to school uniforms, in a much shorter period of time. Therefore, customers will get the orders from PT Sansan Saudaratex just as they need.

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  • Great Service

Customers tend to demand maximum service from clothing vendors. A friendly service can make the ordering process much easier. Look no more as PT Sansan Saudaratex has been notable among customers across the globe for serving each and every customer’s demand quickly and precisely. Your satisfaction is a guarantee!

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  • High Quality

In terms of materials, PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya Garment, is proven to produce materials of high quality that are durable and comfortable to use. Our factory has expertise in handling a range of fabric demands from customers. With us, our customers can make their own choices for every detail of their preference.

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  • Competitive Price

PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya Garment has a good offer on prices to customers. Note that even with affordable prices, we do not take the quality of products in vain. What you wish is what you’ll receive with every single product we produce.

  • On-Time

We’ve also been trusted by many of our customers due to our high attention to time. We guarantee this as our factory has set workmanship standards for each and every product ordered by our customers. Our company also allows customer’s monitoring, with an assurance of providing all the information needed throughout the whole process.

So, where’s the right place to make uniforms in Bandung? Surely PT. Sansan Saudaratex Jaya.

PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya Garment has been trusted at the international level in handling job orders, makloon, or CMT for all textile  processes in our factory. Our company has grown rapidly and currently has more than 5000 employees at 4 different factory locations. Therefore, we are able to produce various types of garments, with a variety of models, including men’s, women’s, children’s and baby’s clothing, with a total capacity of 2,550 pcs / month.

Our company also complies with all regulations or agreements required, as well as the Code of Ethics approved by the United Nations for the application of human rights. In addition, the products that PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya produces have reached the global market since they’ve met the very strict quality requirements of customers.

Let’s consult your needs now and contact us via the following link for ordering and further information.

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