Simple Tips On Washing Office Wear It is no doubt that officewears cannot be treated like daily apparels that we usually use for leisure. Different materials mean that there are also different ways to wash them. In addition, because corporate uniforms are usually provided with limited stock by the company, you certainly have to take good care of it so that they are more durable and long lasting. It all depends on how you wash it. No need to be confused, you can practice some simple tips on washing office wear from us. Very simple tips.

  • Wash It Weekly

The main key of effectively washing office wear is to make it a weekly routine. Most likely, you will have at least 2 or maybe 3 apparels, so you will always have a spare while the rest of your clothes are being washed or dried. Therefore, start getting used to this routine, and you will be saved from stubborn stains and wrinkles that can reduce the life of your work uniform.

  • Know the Fabric and How to Wash It

The process of washing office wear is also very dependent on the fabric. You must follow the washing instructions that are listed on the clothing label. But, if you still have doubts about it, you can try to keep in mind some of these basic guidelines.

  • Cotton: cotton wrinkles easily when washed. A cold machine wash or warm manual wash are highly recommended. Despite that, cotton can still tolerate high temperatures to remove stains and bacteria. If you have an anti-crease setting on your washing machine, make use of those features. Moreover, since dark colors tend to bleed easily at higher temperatures, avoid washing dark cotton fabrics in hot water with lighter clothings. Finally, you are recommended to use a steam iron to iron it. Why? It’s because the color of cotton fabric can fade easily if you iron it in very hot temperatures.
  • Polyester: polyester is commonly crease-free and dries very quickly. Avoid washing polyester clothes in high temperatures. Less than 40 degrees temperature is recommended. Usually, dark colors on polyester fabrics fade less frequently when compared to pure cotton when exposed to higher temperatures. Regardless of that, hot temperatures can wear the fabric more quickly. That’s why when ironing, use a warm but not hot iron to remove creases.
  • Poly Cotton (blend of polyester and cotton): this material offers the best virtues of the two materials previously mentioned. The right composition of poly cotton (more cotton than polyester) doesn’t crease as easily as cotton and won’t shrink. Polycotton also retains its shape when washed in warm or hot water. In fact, some of them are durable enough to withstand industrial laundry. Keep in mind to use a warm iron to remove creases.
  • Wool: for this one, never use a machine to wash it. Ideally, get professional help to dry clean it. If the label doesn’t provide instructions, you can try hand washing in cold water. Wool will not respond well to ironing. So, try ironing indirectly by placing a layer of cloth between the garment and the iron.
  • Separate Dark and Light Shirts

Make sure to separate dark and light colors since uniforms, especially the new ones, tend to bleed. You can reduce the impact by rinsing it with warm water until the water runs clear. If you are obliged to use a washing machine, put light and dark colored uniforms on separate loads and remove clothes as soon as the wash cycle is complete. Otherwise, your shirts will crease badly or even bleed.

  • Avoid Softeners, Use Whiteners

The next tips for washing office wear is to avoid fabric softener when washing them. This is simply because they can prevent dirt and stain removal. On the other hand, color whiteners are not bad options for washing office uniforms since they can keep your uniform looking brand new and more durable.

  • How to Dry Your Office Wear

After all the washing steps have been completed, leave your uniform hanging in the open air for best results. Don’t forget to dry the office uniform first, either by wringing it out or using a dryer machine. Dry in the sun for maximum results.

Those are simple tips for washing office wear that you can try at home. For those of you who are planning to make office uniforms or other types of clothing, don’t hesitate to consult your needs with us at PT. Sansan Saudaratex Jaya Textile Division. Our machine production capacity can reach 3,000,000 meters / month to meet your various needs. Please contact us on the Contact page for reservations and further information.


Source: WikiHow

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