What Is CMT Manufacturing?

PTSansan.co.id For those of you who are planning to perform work on clothing products, including corporate uniforms, you have probably heard the term CMT. This term is indeed very commonly used in the garment and textile industry. CMT, which stands for cut, make, trim, is often chosen as the main option for the manufacturing of garment products. Despite hearing it quite often, you may still be wondering, what is CMT? Here, we have summarized a brief explanation for you.

  • What is CMT?

CMT, or also known as makloon in Indonesia, is a garment manufacturing service where the manufacturer only performs three main stages. It begins with the process of cutting the material (cut) until it’s ready to be sewn, including measuring the fabric and numbering. The process of sewing the material (make) is then conducted thoroughly until it becomes the final product. Finally, trimming and quality control are carried out to ensure that there are no remaining yarns attached. In this final process, dyeing, ironing, labeling and packaging are also sometimes performed. CMT manufacturing can be found in many garment or clothing manufacturers.

  • Why CMT?

Through CMT, since the manufacturers are only involved in the three main steps mentioned earlier, all the other stages are carried out by the consumers themselves, such as purchasing materials, planning costs, and working on designs. That way, consumers can decide which aspects of production they want to fully control, and which aspects of production they want to outsource to third parties. If considered more profitable, consumers can outsource the more labor-intensive aspects of production to CMT manufacturers, such as cutting, sewing, trimming, and also quality control (QC) and packaging. This can create balance between the outsourcing aspects of production and the desired cost and quality.

  • Benefits of Choosing CMT

For many, CMT is the best choice because it can balance manufacturing cost and final quality control. Simply put, because there are production stages that are fully controlled by consumers, they can save on some expenses. For example, the process of making patterns and samples can be done alone with a small sample space. The purchase of fabric can also be done in person, so consumers can ensure the quality before sending it for cutting. Not only that, the purchase of fabric can also be fully controlled by consumers to limit unnecessary cost. By choosing CMT, consumers can cut costs that middlemen would normally pocket.

  • CMT Cost

Should you choose CMT manufacturing, a number of factors will affect the cost of your final product. Basically, your production costs include fabric, cutting services, tailoring services, additional services such as printing and embroidery, QC services, and shipping costs. If all is completely handed to the manufacturer, the price of the fabric can cover 60–70 percent of the cost of standard production. Hence, it becomes another reason why CMT is the best option to ensure the quality of the fabric.

There you go, a brief explanation to answer your question on what is CMT? Inevitably, finding the right CMT manufacturer is very important. For that, you can simply choose PT. Sansan Saudaratex Jaya Textile Division. We accept job orders, makloon, or CMT for all textile processing in our factory facilities (from sizing, weaving, reactive dyeing, continuous vat dyeing to pigment dyeing). Please don’t hesitate to consult your needs and hit us on the Contact page for reservations and further information.


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